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We wish to inform you that KFin Technologies Private Limited (the Company’s Registrar and Share Transfer Agent) has intimated that their name has been changed to KFin Technologies Limited with effect from 24th February 2022.

Members are informed that pursuant to SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) (Fourth Amendment) Regulations, 2018 effective 1st April 2018, requests for effecting transfer of securities in physical form cannot be processed by the Company unless the securities are held in the dematerialized form with a depository. Hence, investors are requested to consider dematerializing their physical holdings into demat form.

Members are requested to note that pursuant to an amendment in the Finance Act, 2020, with effect from 1st April 2020, dividends declared by the Company will be taxed in the hands of the recipient of dividend i.e. shareholders. Hence, all dividends declared after 1st April 2020 by the Company will be paid to the members after deducting tax at the applicable rate of interest prescribed under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Members may note that in case your PAN is not registered with us, the Company would be required to deduct tax at a higher rate of 20% on the dividend. Hence, members who have not furnished their PAN to the Company are requested to immediately submit a copy of their PAN to the Company.

Members seeking non-deduction of tax on their dividends may submit Form 15G/15H as applicable to the Company on a yearly basis.

The formats of Form 15G/Form 15H can be accessed through the below links.

Members may contact the Secretarial team in case of any clarification with respect to the dividends declared by the Company.

Form 15G – View PDF
Form 15H – View PDF

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