Electrical resistant

CUMI engineered ceramics’ excellent electrical insulation & hermetic sealing (leak tight joints) makes them suitable for use in vacuum interrupters in vacuum circuit breakers. The dielectric nature of ceramics also enables them to be used as capacitors. Ceramics are preferred over various other materials exhibiting electrical insulation property e.g. rubber, plastic, wood etc. due to their excellent wear and thermal resistance.


  • Vacuum interrupters in Vacuum circuit breakers
  • Capacitors
  • Spark plugs

Customised engineered ceramics

Grinding media, as the name suggests, is used for particle size reduction by facilitating interaction between the media and the material in a closed space.

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Metallised ceramic cylinders

High Alumina Metallized ceramic envelopes are used for Vacuum interrupters due to excellent electrical insulation properties. Mo-Mn metallization with nickel plating enables excellent Hermetic sealing (Leak tight joints) for...

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