Lined Equipments

One of the biggest challenges for heavy industries which deal with the highly abrasive environments is to protect the equipment themselves being eaten away by wear and corrosion. The complex geometries and high-speed dynamic interactions between the materials and equipment make the situation even worse.

The most effective and accepted solution in industries is to line the equipment walls with ceramic tiles. However, sometimes it becomes really difficult to line the equipment walls after fabrication.

To overcome this problem, we have developed superior fabrication capabilities to act as a one-point solution. By being able to switch the sequence of fabrication, lining and painting processes, we are able to execute lining for the most complex shapes.

We take pride in providing innovative wear-protection solutions for complex industrial installations. We combine our lining skills with the correct choice of materials and process sequence. We work with our customers to develop, inspect and deliver to conform to our philosophy of “First time right”.

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