Wear & Corrosion Resistant

Wear and corrosion together make a lethal combination for equipment and machineries. Corrosion is facilitated by the presence of moisture and it accelerates the wear phenomenon. For industries which use chemicals or are exposed to moisture are vulnerable to be affected by corrosion. Our CUMITUFF CSP formulation has been specifically designed to cater for wear & corrosive environments.


Chemical & Pharma Industry

  • Plunger


  • Copper leaching
Lined equipment

One of the biggest challenges for heavy industries which deal with the highly abrasive environments is to protect the equipment themselves being eaten away by wear and corrosion. The...

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Grinding Media

Ceramic Grinding media, as the name suggests, is used for particle size reduction by facilitating interaction between the media and the material in a closed space. CUMITUFF-90 (90% alumina)...

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