An accidental discovery while attempting to make artificial diamonds gave birth to Carborundum, another name for Silicon Carbides (SiC). The 2nd most hardest material on earth after diamond finds its usage in high endurance applications involving extreme temperatures & requiring extreme impact & wear resistance.

CUMI has engineered Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide (RBSiC) for extremely demanding wear & corrosive environments.

Material And Properties


Excellent wear & corrosion resistance


  • Fluid handling
  • Ballistic protection
  • Extreme wear resistance


  • Longer service life, can be exposed to molten metal without pre-heating
  • Extended casting sequencesControlled and consistent casting speeds
  • High resistance to oxygen lancingMore consistent re-stranding
  • Does not contaminate the melt & hence enhances product quality & plant efficiency


  • Extremely fine grained microstructure
  • High density
  • Low porosity
  • Very smooth surface finish
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