wear resistant

The constant interactions between surfaces and subsequent removal and deformation of material from a surface can be termed as Wear. It is a destructive phenomenon which reduces the useful life of machines & components. Wear is a phenomenon experienced by almost all the manufacturing industries but the severity of wear differs based on the operating procedures and operating disciplines. Abrasive material movement experienced in the Coal washery, Power, Cement, Steel, Minerals & Metallurgy industries makes them extremely vulnerable to wear. Our CUMITUFF range covers the complete spectrum of wear-resistant solutions for a variety of applications.


thermal power plant

  • inner Cone
  • Ventury Vane
  • Multiport Outlet
  • Mill Discharge valve
  • Bends & pipes
  • Orifice
  • Swing Panel
  • Transition/Y-Piece
  • Burner assembly pipe

Bulk Material Handling

  • Chute/Transfer points
  • Pulley Lagging
  • Slurry pipes & Bends

Coal Washery

  • Cyclones/Spigots
  • Feed/Discharge Orifices
  • Catch Pan

Cement Industry

  • Coal/Raw/Cement mills
  • Toboggan chutes
  • Fan casing, Hoppers, Separators

Steel Industry

  • Material charging hoppers
  • Slag granulation systems
Lined equipment

One of the biggest challenges for heavy industries which deal with the highly abrasive environments is to protect the equipment themselves being eaten away by wear and corrosion. The...

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Grinding Media

Grinding media, as the name suggests, is used for particle size reduction by facilitating interaction between the media and the material in a closed space. CUMITUFF-90 (90% alumina) products...

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