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The old adage, “It is better to wear out than to rust” goes right for humans but not necessarily for machines.

For our customers, we neither want their plant components/machines to wear nor to rust. The useful life of these machines working in highly abrasive environments can be dramatically increased by our CUMITUFF Wear Resistant Solutions.

To provide a one-stop solution for our customers, we provide our solutions both in terms of products as well as services.

We have a dedicated team of installation experts for professional lining installation and repairs. Big Cyclones, Chutes, mixers, mills, hoppers, conveyors and other difficult-to-move plant components require in-situ lining.

We understand that one of the key success metrics for our customers is the Asset utilization and we take pride in getting the installation/repair done with the minimum downtime. Working with our customers for more than 25 years gives us the benefit of economies of experience which is translated in our time & cost-effectiveness. Our experience gives us the ability to execute the whole spectrum of lining installation projects.

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