Wear & Thermal Resistant

Extreme Wear resistant solutions from CUMI Ceramics. Molten metal handling applications in metallurgy processes require extremely high thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity and non-wettability properties. Our CUMITHERM™(for non-ferrous) & CUMITHERM-Z ™( for ferrous) formulations have been designed to suit for high temperature molten metal environments in cast-houses and foundries. These properties are achieved by combining High purity alumina and titania in a precision controlled reaction-sintered process to engineer a microporous microstructure.


  • Feeders/Risers/Stalk for low pressure die casting
  • Dosing tubes
  • Sprue / Gate bushes, Cups and Connectors
  • Casting spouts, Flow rods, Retainer rings
  • Nozzles, Crucibles
  • Tap hole plugs and rings
  • Customised special components

CUMI has developed reaction sintered aluminium titanate ideally suited for Non-Ferrous cast houses and foundries owing to its extraordinary properties of high thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity &...

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