Metallized ceramic cylinders

Vacuum Interrupters/ Capacitors for medium voltage switch gear (6kV-36kV) applications

Metallized ceramic cylinders

Metallized ceramic cylinders are an integral part of Vacuum Interrupters (popularly known as VI) which are used for making Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB). VCBs are used in medium voltage switchgears and power distribution lines to modulate the voltage in power distribution by arresting voltage surges.

CUMI is world no. 2 supplier for High purity Alumina Metallized Ceramic cylinders. These metallized cylinders from CUMI find their application worldwide for Vacuum interrupters due to their excellent electrical insulation properties.

CUMI specializes in Moly Manganese (Mo-Mn) metallization along with nickel plating which enables excellent Hermetic sealing (Leak tight joints) for these metallised ceramic cylinders. The leak tight joints help in maintaining the required vacuum level for efficient arc quenching in the interrupters.
High mechanical strength of Mo-Mn metallized layer also provides for a longer life to the Vacuum interrupters.

The metallisation offers the fabrication property to ceramic cylinders which then can be easily brazed with common braze alloys for use in various applications.

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Shape Cylindrical, corrugated, stepped or grooved
Size From 1.0” to 7.0”
Material & Colour Alumina, White
Properties Excellent electrical insulation, Excellent hermetic sealing, High mechanical strength of metallised layer


  • Vacuum interrupters in vacuum circuit breakers
  • Generator circuit breakers
  • Mining circuit breakers
  • Auto Reclosers
  • Vacuum Tubes
  • Relays
  • Capacitors
  • Contactors
  • Fuse
  • Isolators
  • Load breaking switch
  • Switchgears


  • High Purity alumina
  • Efficient arc quenching in the interrupters
  • Longer life

cumi advantage

  • In-house electrode brazing capability
  • Dedicated production lines, capable of high quality and mass production.
  • Excellent partner of choice for co-creation opportunities
  • Economies of experience generated over the years working with world leaders
  • Customised solutions

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