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Ceramics have played a prominent role in the progress of human beings.

Ceramics are inorganic, non-metallic materials characteristically crystalline in nature. They are compounds formed between metallic and non-metallic elements. Employment of heat upon processed clays and other natural raw materials produces rigid ceramic products.

The properties of ceramic material can be stated by the kind of atoms present, the sort of bonding and the means of packing and the microstructure of the material. Due to its wide range of properties, it finds mass applications.

Manufacturing industrial ceramics is intricate and engages many specific processes and costly production equipment. Industrial ceramics plays an important part in several manufacturing process that demand heat and electricity. Dense Sintered Alumina Products have exceptional, Wear Resistant & Corrosion Resistant properties.

CUMI ceramics division provides reliable and consistent solutions for sliding abrasion, erosion or corrosion that occurs in material handling, High resistant properties and tremendous durability are grounds to be used successfully in refractory.

CUMI’s wear resistant ceramic save money by giving extended equipment life, lowering maintenance costs and by reducing downtime. Their Ceramic Lined Equipment are resistant to Abrasion and has the bonding strength at the interface between the the steel pipe and ceramic layer. CUMI’s proprietary manufacturing process with purity raw materials result in a chemically superior zirconia product. CUMI supplies high alumina thread guides to fibre producers, yarn processors & textile machine manufacturers in specified shapes and sizes. Their Ignition electrodes use Alumina as Insulator. Their thermal shock resistant feature coupled with mechanical strength makes it used as probes in liquid level controls and flame detectors.

CUMITUFF Seal faces are developed with a focus for chemical plant where corrosive attack is severe. CUMI designs sintered aluminium oxide Tiles as per customer requirement for Personal & vehicle Armour. Engineered Tiles break up the projectile and allows fibreglass, Kevlar or Spectra catch the debris. They produce Metallized Ceramic Components used for electrical, electronic devices and in vacuum interrupters. These high Alumina metallised ceramic components present high mechanical strength and superb hermetic sealing.

CUMITUFF Alumina grinding media ensure prolonged resistance to chipping and cracking due to its high hardness. Grinding media reduces particle size at the time the material being ground is sandwiched between the media. CUMITUFF Ball Mill Liners offer better wear limiting properties due to its hardness. They also manufacture Fired Refractories products.

Silicon Carbide refractories can be formed into composite shapes with advanced thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance and good corrosion features. Nitride-bonded Silicon Carbide refractories have higher hot strength and are extensively used in Non-ferrous Metal contact areas. Mullite refractories are meant for applications that require good mechanical and chemical stability, force at higher temperatures and resistance to corrosion, flame impingment and spalling.

High Alumina refractories resist high temperature hydrogen attack and are crucial in usages that involve hydrogen attack. Zirconia mullite refractories are intended for applications that run into alkaline vapour attack. Insulation refractories are useful for purposes that demand an exclusive blend of chemical, mechanical solidity and insulating properties.

CUMI manufactures Monolithic products including conventional dense & Insulation castables that have excellent mechanical strength and low permeability. Low Cement Castables show signs of increasing strengths with raise in temperature and is best for Resistant alkali coatings and abrasion. With CUMI Self-flow castables evenness Lining of complicated geometry and Casting of thin layers is feasible. CUMI also supplies Trimor range of Monolithic Refractories. Different ramming masses with Mullite, Zirconia-Mullite, alumina and Silicon Carbide based are high slag, metal corrosion resistance & thermal shock resistant. Laying Mortars transfers stress and evens out any two elements unevenness in the construction. High purity high Alumina Cement strength made HAC popular.

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