High alumina ceramic rings

High alumina ceramic rings for image intensifer tubes

High alumina ceramic rings

CUMI’s high alumina (97.5%) ceramic rings are used in image intensifier tubes for night vision equipment and other instruments. Ultra-high vacuum compatibility (10-8 to 10-9 mbar.l/s) and best in class dielectric strength (~13 kV/mm in AC and 42 kV/mm in DC) make it the preferred choice for night vision devices.



As per customer specification


As per customer specification


Pearly white


Lightweight, High dielectric strength, Infinitesimal leakage current


  • Head-mounted night vision camerasAutomotive
  • SpectrometersAutomotive
  • Medical imaging device
  • Surveillance cameras


  • 66% lower leakage current in comparison to the benchmark specification.
  • 30% lesser price while maintaining same critical quality parameters.

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