Ceramic Rubber Composites

High wear and impact resistance Solutions

Ceramic Rubber Composites

CUMITUFF™ Ceramic rubber composites are manufactured by hot vulcanizing the high alumina ceramic inserts into rubber. The alumina ceramic provides extreme resistance to wear while the elastic properties of the rubber effectively dampen the impact. The resultant composite is ideal for impact and wears protection systems in bulk material handling. The state-of-the-art plant to manufacture high alumina ceramics and the latest vulcanizing plant makes CUMI the largest manufacturer of ceramic rubber composites in India.

Based on the severity of application, CUMI offers wear limiting products in 90% and 92% alumina. CUMI offers various fixing options based on the application requirements, including cold vulcanizing bond, as well as composites with a mild steel backing plate having studs to facilitate easy installation.


Shape As per customer requirement
Size As per customer requirement
Colour Black (Rubber) & White (Ceramic)
Weight Lighter than steel
Properties Wear & Impact resistance, Corrosion resistance


  • Dredging
  • Mining
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Power plants


  • Exceptional wear life and performance.
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance cost.
  • Outstanding operating performance.

cumi advantage

  • Guidance on material selection
  • Onsite installation assistance
  • Customised solutions

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