Ballistic protection

Lightweight & ergonomic bullet proof armour

Ballistic protection

Engineered with Alumina (98%, 99.5% alumina) and SiC combinations, these lightweight & super hard ceramic ballistic solutions are an excellent alternative to the generally used bulky & heavy metal armours. The CUMI Protect range covers both personnel and vehicle protection.


Shape As per customer specification
Size As per customer specification
Colour White
Properties Extremely tough, Lightweight & Super hard, Uniform micro-structure for high reliability


  • Automotive: Bulletproof cars
  • Defence: Bulletproof armour


  • Lightweight in comparison to existing alternatives
  • Customisable into various sizes & shapes
  • Ergonomic & easy to wear
  • Designed to meet threat levels conforming to international standardsNIJ ‘Level IV’ & GOST ‘Level 6A’

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  • Economies of experience generated over the years working with world leaders
  • Customised solutions

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