Non Ferrous

CUMI specializes in providing advanced refractory solutions tailored for essential applications in primary aluminium production, encompassing reduction cells, melting and holding furnaces, and launders. Additionally, we extend our expertise to the smelting of copper and its alloys, specifically in cathode shaft furnaces.


Aluminium Reduction cell

In the electrolytic reduction process of alumina to aluminium, CUMI offers NBSiC blocks and shapes. These can either substitute or be used in tandem with graphite blocks, prebaked carbon blocks, and rammed carbon.

Major Products

  • Nitride bonded Silicon Carbide

Melting, Holding Furnaces & Molten Metal Transfer

Melting furnaces, dedicated to melting ingot/recycled Aluminum and holding furnaces manage molten metal sourced from either the primary reduction potlines or the aforementioned melting furnaces. CUMI provides fused silica based products for molten metal transfer.

Major Products

  • Non Wetting Castables
  • Phosphate bonded Alumina bricks
  • Fused silica based shapes


CUMI presents advanced NBSiC refractory materials, known for their superior oxidation resistance, tailor-made for the shaft furnace linings in Continuous Casting Rod (CCR) applications. Alongside this, we provide high-alumina castables adept for smelter environments, and Ramming mass designed for effective backup lining. Additionally, our range encompasses specialized consumables for the CCR process.

Major Products

  • NBSiC Bricks & Burner blocks for shaft furnace
  • NBSiC Bricks for holding furnace
  • Conventional & low cement castables
  • NBSiC & Alumina – Mullite consumables for CCR


CUMI’s Oxide bonded Silicon carbide refractory materials are optimized for ISP furnaces, condensers. NBSiC for Zinc oxide furnace and. Additionally, we’ve engineered specialized castables uniquely designed for ladle applications,

Major Products

  • Silicon Carbide Bricks for ISP Furnace & condenser
  • Conventional castables for ladle
  • SiC, NBSiC, Phosphate bonded High alumina & fireclay bricks for galvanizing furnace
  • NBSiC bricks, Muffle for radiant roof furnace in zinc oxide production

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