Chemical Processing

CUMI offers refractory design, engineering and material solutions to the demanding applications of chemical processing Industries which includes,
Oil & Gas Refinery – CDU, VDU/VGO, DHT, FCCU, SRU, Fired Heaters, Hydrogen Reformer, HTER
Petrochem– Cracking Furnaces
Fertiliser – Primary Reformer, Secondary Reformer, Fired Heaters, HSRG Ducts,
Incinerator – Waste Incinerators, Thermal Oxidizers
Special Chemical processes like Manheim Furnace etc.

Major Products

  • High Purity high alumina bricks and shapes
  • High Purity Mullite bricks and shapes
  • Sillimanite and Andalusite based bricks and sapes
  • Vast range of monolithics including High purity conventional – Dense & Insulation castable, low and ultra-low cement castable, gunning material & ramming mass
  • Custom made Precast shapes

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