CUMI believes in grooming leaders internally, but also supports infusing talent from the external environment in various critical roles across locations, functions and levels if and when required. For career opportunities, please send your resume to

Graduates / Freshers

CUMI has a history of building young leaders and has set a strong and sustained case for the same by promoting the GET/PET/DET/SET programmes and comprehensive 1-2 year programme. This is through Campus hiring only. MT programme is also offered to fresh Post Graduates from reputed management schools hired in certain functions. Recruitment coordinators, students and faculty are encouraged to send in their details to

Trainee / Internship / Project

Internship programme for on-campus as well as off-campus applicants is available. Opportunity to work on live projects with guidance from experienced professionals. Duration ranging from 1-3 months. End of project presentation and certificate. To apply for an internship, please share your resume on

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