Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Refractories (CUMIREX, CAST CUMIREX & CUMISTAR)

Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Refractories (CUMIREX, CAST CUMIREX & CUMISTAR)

CUMIREX, CAST CUMIREX and CUMISTAR range of products are Nitride-bonded Silicon Carbide refractories which have high thermal conductivity, Moderate thermal expansion which results in superior thermal shock resistance. Some of these grades have excellent hot strength which makes them an ideal choice as kiln furniture. Superior Oxidation resistance is a critical property for application areas like waste incineration, Aluminium Reduction cell and copper shaft furnaces. Their non-wetting property makes them suitable for use in non-ferrous metal contact areas.

Outstanding Features

  • Extreme high thermal conductivity
  • Very high hot strength
  • Superior Oxidation resistance
  • High erosion and abrasion resistance, thermal shock resistance
  • Chemical inertness to nonferrous metals & Alkalis

Major User Industries


Ceramics [Abrasives, HT Insulators, Sanitaryware, Technical Ceramics etc.] Kiln furniture, Burner tube, Muffles
Aluminium Aluminium reduction cell lining, Tap-out blocks
Copper Shaft Furnace lining, Launder, Thermocouple sheath
Zinc, Zinc Oxide and Galvanizing ISP Furnace, Condenser, Zinc Retorts, Wire Galvanizing, Zinc Oxide Muffle furnace, Zinc Oxide Retorts
Iron & Steel Blast furnace lining
Heat Treatment Muffles, Skid & Furnace Hearth
Waste To Energy (WTE) Boiler Plate
Power generation Spray nozzles in Desulphurisation Unit
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