CUMI delivers comprehensive refractory solutions catering to both traditional and advance ceramic sectors. We specialize in creating custom-designed products suited for applications in kiln lining, kiln cars, and various kiln furniture, including posts, tiles, beams, setters, and more. Leading OEMs trust and employ CUMI products in their state-of-the-art kiln designs.

Major Products

  • Insulation bricks & shapes for Kiln & Kiln Car lining
  • High Alumina, Mullite, sillimanite / andalusite and fire clay for kiln and kiln car lining.
  • SiC, NBSiC based Kiln furniture – Tiles/Batts, Post, Beams, Collars, Setters, Saggars etc for temperature upto 1500o C.
  • Mullite and High Alumina based Kiln furniture for firing temperature beyond 1500o C and / or firing in special atmospheric condition.
  • Burner blocks in fired Mullite, High Alumina, Precast Prefired shapes
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