CUMI provides you with all of the services on-site from regular maintenance to full turnkey to meet your needs. We have skilled and qualified team to ensure the flawless installation of your refractory linings. Keeping in mind the customer needs, CUMI deliver on time and cost efficient completion of projects.

We can provide you with any or all of the following services mention below:

  • Selection of qualified installation companies audited on the criteria of safety and quality of work.
  • Planning of refractory material delivery and installation.
  • Definition and look into the safety plan for handling of materials and operation of equipment.
  • Supervision of third-party or customer’s installation staff.
  • Dry-out of Installed Lining.
  • Post-installation Support and services.

We have following machineries for better installation with respect to customer demand.

  • Pan Mixer
  • Vibrator
  • Gunning Machine
  • Shotcreting Machine
  • Pressure Grouting Machine

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