Flow Control Products – METFLOW

Flow Control Products – METFLOW

CUMI takes pride in its state of the art plant that manufactures Flow Control Refractory products for 1QC & 2QC system. This is extensively used in medium scale steel plants for making billets through CCM. We are also providing Precast Pre fired blocks for Re-heating furnaces in rolling mills.

Slide Gate Refractories

  • Slide Plate (Al-C)
  • Collector Nozzle
  • Ladle Nozzle
  • Well Block (High Alumina)
  • Tundish Nozzle (95% Zr Insert)
  • Jointing Mortar (90% Al-Cr)

Purging Refractories

  • Porous Plug (High Alumina)
  • Porous plug well block
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