High Alumina Refractories (CUMILOX®)

High Alumina Refractories (CUMILOX®)

CUMILOX range of refractories are produced from fused and sintered alumina for high purity range from 85 – 99.5% alumina and based on Calcined Bauxite, Chamotte, etc. for 85% alumina and below range . High purity alumina, being a stable oxide, is inert to corrosive attack in oxidizing atmospheres and can also withstand highly reducing atmospheres. 90% Alumina and above range can withstand hydrogen attack.

Outstanding Features

  • Very high refractoriness, slag and metal corrosion resistance
  • Very high stability in oxidising and reducing atmospheres throughout its operating range
  • Very high abrasion resistance, chemical stability

Major User Industries


Fertiliser Secondary reformer and gas generator lining, Catalyst bed support
Petro-Chemical Sulphur Recovery Unit reactor lining
Carbon Black Reactor/ Thermal Oxidiser Reactor lining
Foundry Channel induction furnace lining
Iron & Steel Ladle nozzles, Well blocks and sleeves, DRI reactor lining
Electro Ceramics Furnace hearth & Skid Rails
Super Alloy Hot Top/ Pour boxes, Tundishes
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