Carbon Black

Refractory materials used in carbon black production reactors necessitate exceptional refractoriness, withstanding temperatures close to 2000°C. These materials must also demonstrate outstanding resistance to thermal spalling, abrasion, and chemical corrosion.

CUMI stands as a leading choice in the industry, offering a comprehensive suite of refractory solutions tailored for both hard (tread) and soft (carcass) black reactors. Furthermore, CUMI is equipped with the capability to oversee product installation and application, positioning itself as an indispensable partner for the growth trajectory of Carbon Black manufacturers.

Collaborating intimately with its client base, CUMI extends specialized design and engineering solutions, custom-fabricated bricks/blocks, and avant-garde product strategies.

Major Products

  • High Purity Alumina bricks and shapes
  • Alumina – Mullite bricks and shapes
  • Alumina – Zriconia Bricks and shapes
  • Precast Alumina – chrome shapes
  • High purity Alumina – Magnesia Spinel shapes
  • High purity dense castables
  • High purity insulation castables
  • Insulation bricks including high purity bubble alumina based
  • Low Cement & Conventional castables

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