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Nebulox is a foamed alumina insulation exhibits very low bulk density and thermal conductivity (1/3rd of the conversional insulation). This enables the linings to perform much efficient in terms of energy consumption and heating and cooling cycles. Typical thermal conductivity of Nebulox is as low as 0.6 w/mK at 1400 deg C and the density is in the range of 0.5 – 0.7g/cc. These values are as good as ceramic fibre based products. We observed energy savings to the tune of 30% for the batch type furnaces lined with Nebulox, compared to the conventional insulation linings.

Since the product does not contain any ceramic fibre, no vitrification will takes place and this ensures longer service life for the linings. Being fibre free, Nebulox is ecofriendly and very promising in markets where environmental aspects are critically evaluated by customers.

Kiln Furniture/setters/substrates – Nebulox being very light in weight and easily machinable, can be used as special shapes for sintering / heat treatment setters for special applications like, watch glass, mobile glass etc. The high purity and chemical stability makes it ideal for sintering trays for Zirconia and other colour sensitive products, as there are no gaseous emissions from the Nebulox. Nebulox is also proved to be the best suited material for sintering trays in dental applications, enabling the users to have multifold life for the trays compared to the one made out of ceramic fibre products. Gas permeability from the base making it suitable for sintering the MIM and other injection molded parts.

The typical porosity structure (85%) make the product exhibits high thermal shock resistant. The high temperature sintering converts the entire silica content to mullite which is making it suitable for Microwave furnace insulation. Drilling of very small holes along with the thermal shock resistance and low thermal mass makes this product a perfect fit for the infrared radiators.

Typical Applications
  • Hot face insulation for Laboratory and industrial furnaces, electrical / gas fired
  • Dental sintering trays / support blocks
  • Low Thermal Mass kiln cars
  • Kiln furniture / setters / substrates
  • Microwave/Infrared furnace linings
  • Reducing / Neutral / Oxidizing operating atmosphere furnaces

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