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Laminates made up of synthetic resin material or synthetic materials combined with natural and recycled ingredients, used for the flooring are made to look like natural products such as wood flooring or natural stone. Laminate flooring has a dense inner core and a layer glued on it. The decorative finishing to the laminate is provided by careful polishing of the outer layer by white fused alumina.

CUMISHARP micro grains due to it high purity which do not contaminate the surface along with precise size distribution, high strength & toughness and good friability at micro level removes the stock from the surface while polishing thereby providing a laminate surface with uniform & very low surface roughness and excellent finish. These characteristics of CUMI Sharp micro white fused alumina makes it an ideal finishing material for floor laminates.

Typical Applications
  • Flooring at home and work
  • Tabletops
  • Countertops

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