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Bonded abrasive is a multi-point grinding or cutting tool formed by a matrix of closely packed abrasive grains, which are pressed or molded together, with the help of a binding material, into variety of shapes like grinding wheel, segments, honing stone, sticks etc. The product is fired/baked at various temperatures depending on the binding system used to provide a high strength bonding between the abrasive grains.

CUMISHARP grains are blocky sharp edges with low iron and silica content. Its high toughness & hardness (Moh’s Hardness 9), excellent abrasion resistance, high corrosion resistance properties combined with cooler cutting characteristics, tailored friability, multi-fracturing properties exposing sharp edges and self-sharpening characteristics makes it an ideal raw material for the manufacturing of bonded abrasive for all applications.

Treated Products
  • Ball grinding & Ball lapping wheel
  • Rice polishing wheel
  • Gear grinding wheel
  • Cam grinding wheel
  • Crankshaft grinding wheel
  • Valve components grinding
  • Internal grinding wheel
  • Thin wheel
  • Tool room grinding wheel
  • Roll grinding wheel
  • Mounted pins
  • Centreless grinding wheel
  • Face grinding
  • Razor blade
  • Flute grinding
  • Bearing grinding wheel

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