CUMI takes care of the growth and wellbeing of employees through their constant development in their work areas as well. Few of the practices are highlighted below:

Learning & Growth in CUMI:

Training for Development

We ensure that all our employees are trained on their development areas to meet present and future needs of the Company. Employees choose their own areas of development for each year based on which the training programmes are designed and organized. Business leaders also provide one or two focus areas for their departments. We wish to develop a culture in which each individual takes responsibility for his or her learning.

Grooming Talent

CUMI partners with MDC to provide an environment which encourages everyone to realize the full potential of their own capabilities, with emphasis on continuous learning and growth. With short, medium and long term programs like the Business Leadership Program (BLP), Young Leaders Program (YLP), Finance and HR Development Programs, the calendar is packed with opportunities for investing in young managers for their continuous development. CUMI also supports interested and eligible employees to attain higher education by tying up with reputed institute for Bachelors and Masters in Manufacturing specialization. The company has also sponsored employees for the prestigious Fulbright Programme.

Employee Engagement

We take keen interest in learning about the interests and wellbeing of our employees and try to take actions wherever needed. Engagement initiatives in all plants include festival celebrations with employees and their families. We take part in the Employee Engagement Survey through a Group wide survey and constantly work on the action steps to mitigate low scoring areas.