Non Ferrous

This industry is characterized mainly by Aluminium, Copper, Zinc and their alloys.

CUMI caters to the critical refractory applications in the reduction cells, melting and holding furnaces, launders etc., in primary aluminium production, cathode shaft furnaces in the smelting of copper and its alloys.


Aluminium Reduction Cells (ARC’s)

The electrolytic reduction process of converting alumina to aluminium has traditionally been using Carbon / Graphite wall in the reduction Cells. CUMI recommends the use of CUMIREX bricks and shapes in reduction cell side walls, either as replacement, or use in conjuction with graphite blocks, prebaked carbon blocks and rammed carbon.

Products Offered: Nitride bonded silicon carbide (CUMIREX).

Melting / Holding Furnace

The melting furnaces are used to melt scrap or recycled Aluminum, hence a high heat input is required and the roof temperature can exceed 1100°C. Holding furnaces receive molten metal from either the primary reduction potlines or from the melting furnaces.

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Products Offered: CUMI recommends Tri-Mor range of Monolithic products, Phosphate bonded Alumina bricks K313 W for the hearth and ramp application areas.

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