Super Refractories

Refractory is a material that will retain its shape and chemical identity when subjected to high temperatures and is used in applications that require extreme resistance to heat, such as furnace linings. Refractory products are basically used in industries for heat resistant and containment.
CUMI's manufactures Super Refractories (which can be in two forms fired refractories and monolithics) and also Refractory Fibre.

Fired (or shaped) refractories are manufactured both in India and Russia. The manufacturing process, involves mixing, moulding, drying and firing. The product varies with the temperature that the refractory is required to withstand which depends on the product being manufactured in the kiln. Therefore the product range is very wide each manufacturer specialises only in specific segments. CUMI's product range is upto 1850 degrees and seves the upper segment of the refractory market. CUMI caters to the sanitaryware, carbon black, iron and steel, power, HT insulators, ceramic tiles, ferrous and non ferrous industries, fertilizer, chemical processing industries and all other industries using kilns.

Monolithics are refractory material in the form of powder. They are like cement mortar and applied in in-situ applications. The manufacturing process involves batching and mixing different raw materials based on unique formulations customized to suit specific applications. This does not require any firing. Monolithics are used, when the refractory material cannot be manufactured in a shape and form due to size and larger area to be covered. Monolithics are used in cement, steel, foundries, carbon black, ferrous, non ferrous and also integrated steel plants.

CUMI is a market leader in the manufacture of super refractory products in India since 1965 with technical know-how from Carborundum Company USA. The other players in the industry are ACE Refractories, Maithan Ceramics, Vesuvius etc. The acquisition of VAW, Russia has given CUMI a foothold in the Russian market for refractories. The acquisition has also given CUMI access to advanced technology.

Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramics Ltd., CUMI's joint venture with the Morgran Crucible Company plc., U.K. manufactures ceramic fibre and other insulating products. Ceramic fire is an asbestos free spun or blown alumino-silicate fibre made from blends of high purity aluina and silica. A unique combination of physical and refractory properties makes this an outstanding material for use in high temperature applications. The major user industries are petrochemicals, steel, power and furnace building industries.

The key success factors in this industry are quality and application engineering support to customers. Technology and its absorption constitute major entry barriers.

Key inputs are alumina, silicon carbide, mullite, zirconia and power/fuel.

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