Learning and Development

CUMI – Electro Minerals division endows an affable atmosphere to learn & grow. We believe that attracting, nurturing and retaining talent are the key aspects behind our success. So we ensure that all our employees are well trained to assist in the development of the organization and also to meet the present and future needs of the company. We cultivate a culture in which each individual takes responsibility for his or her own learning.

As a learning organization we invest enormously in training and development activities which are evident from:

  • More than 10000 man hours of training in an year
  • Association with BITS Pilani, University of Michigan, Harvard University, XLRI, Dale Carnegie Training, IITs and numerous other prestigious universities and educational institutions across the globe.
  • Allotment of a sizable percentage of HR budget to training activities
  • Educational Assistance for higher studies while on the job
  • Investment in good libraries across locations

On the job training and job rotation is encouraged among the employees so as to build a multi-skilled and flexible workforce and also to gain expertise in manifold functions.

Competency Management

As the organization has been going global, from a capability perspective we need to have a future-ready competency model. This model would help us to capitalize on our internal capabilities and would identify and indicate the talents from the employment market which needs to be developed and acquired. In this direction, we have identified the competency drivers that will shape our future, lead us to success, leverage our strengths and predominantly deliver value to the customer. This has been supported and achieved by acquiring inputs from meta-analyses of customized studies done for CUMI by world renowned consultants.

We have been following competency management practices in CUMI-EMD which is based on the following model:

This model will help the organization to have a competency framework that is future-ready and will equip individuals in developing their career.

To nurture the talent pool of second line managers and to develop them into future functional leaders, the division has rolled out a Management Development Program. This will be an on-going process with evaluation on learning and its effectiveness. This is primarily aimed at building the talent pool across all functions of EMD. The programme had been implemented in partnership with one of the reputed Business schools in Cochin. The course module is tailor made, providing special thrust on business requirement/ individual developmental needs.

K-Hour: A Knowledge Sharing Series

In today's environment, hoarding knowledge ultimately erodes your power. If one is in possession of important information, the way to acquire knowledge power is by actually sharing it. So at Electro Minerals Division we have initiated knowledge sharing sessions among our employees. All technical, personality development subjects and book reviews are shared in such knowledge hours. This has helped us in multiplying the knowledge effect and impacting from it.

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