Electro Minerals

CUMI's electro minerals products group offers sintered aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grains as the major product lines. Upon completion of the acquisition in South Africa, CUMI's product range would get enlarged to include fused zirconia as one more major product line. Apart from these, CUMI also offers fused mullite and other speciality products on a small scale.

Electro minerals are used as basic raw material in the manufacture of abrasives and refractories. They are also used for surface preparation and in tile and paint industries. They are also increasingly being used for silicon wafer slicing in solar cell manufacture, dental care and skin therapy. Silicon carbide is also used as an input in metallurgical industries.

CUMI's range of electro minerals include silicon carbide, brown aluminium oxide and white aluminium oxide. It also manufactures mullite, bubble alumina and certain other specialities in smaller quantities.

The manufacturing process is as follows: Basic inputs are fused using electric arcing. Then the resultant crude is crushed and graded. The key inputs for manufacture of electro minerals include bauxite, alumina, silica sand, raw petroleum coke and electricity.

The key success factors in this industry are cost and quality. Entry barriers are high capital investment, limited market and technology. Availability of alternatives and product differentiation are the main challenges in this business.

The global market size for electro minerals is estimated at around USD 2.5 billion. The acquisition of Volzhsky Abrasive Works, Russia has positioned CUMI as the second largest producer of silicon carbide in the world. Apart from CUMI, the major players in this industry are Saint Gobain, Treibacher, Washington Mills, Kollo and a few Chinese manufacturers.

In India, CUMI is one of the leading players in aluminium oxide grains. Apart from CUMI, Grindwell Norton, Orient Abrasives and SNAM Abrasives are the others. Imports from China are also a major source of electro minerals for the India Market.

On a consolidated basis, captive sales to the abrasives and refractory units account for about 15 per cent of the output of this business.

The electro minerals business operates several manufacturing facilities which have been certified for process quality and environment protection.

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