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To cater to the demands of growing Indian markets in all segments of materials handling industry, CUMI has made it's entry into handling equipments business in the year 2005.

With wide choice of models, configurations, product specifications in the product range, CUMI is today a significant player in the flourishing market of handling equipments. Our entry into the fast growing material handling market, will be a game changer in the indian market. With wide choice of models, configurations, product specifications in the product range CUMI will be able to respond to the demands of the growing domestic markets.

Today CUMI is one among the leading supplier of material handling equipments in India. We put in our best efforts to provide most innovative material handling products to our customers. Our customers enjoy the utmost satisfaction of quality at competitive prices. Our hydraulic equipment, Lift tables, hand trucks are the best quality products which can satisfy the bulk material handling requirements of various industries like Auto OEMs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, minerals, warehouse & logistics, textiles, sugar, steel, food processing, engineering, paper and packing. We have large base of clientele in different parts of India. Most of the products are granted CE and GS certificates.

We offer a complete range of material handling products to our clients, which is given below:

  • Manual / Powered Pallet Truck
    • Manual / Reach / Semi Electric / Fully Electric operated Stacker
    • Lift Tables
  • Battery / Diesel / LPG operated Forklift


With our complete customer service, clients can feel assured in using our products. For instance, we provide a one year warranty for the key components of our semi & full electric stackers, forklifts products. Covering free replacement. In addition, we promise high availability on stocks of spare parts for all our products.