CUMI has developed CUMITHERM-Z products for molten ferrous metal handling applications. CUMI uses its own monoclinic zirconia of controlled chemistry and specific surface area along with required additives and control the quality of input raw materials.

CUMITHERM-Z has been designed for extremely harsh environments having extreme wear, corrosion and high temperature characteristics. CUMITHERM-Z products have excellent useful life and extraordinary performance owing to reduced clogging, low erosion and improved surface finish.

Material And Properties


Good Erosion resistance, Adequate Flexural Strength, High Thermal Shock Resistance High resistance to oxygen lancing


  • Molten ferrous metal handling applications
  • Tundish metering nozzles
  • Stationary nozzles
  • Tubes
  • Crucibles


  • Longer service life, can be exposed to molten metal without pre-heating
  • Extended casting sequences
  • Controlled and consistent casting speeds
  • High resistance to oxygen lancing
  • More consistent re-stranding
  • Does not contaminate the melt hence enhances product quality plant efficiency


  • Extremely fine grained microstructure
  • High density
  • Low porosity
  • Very smooth surface finish
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