Industrial Ceramics

The Ceramics product group offers products which harness the heat resistance / containment, wear resistance and insulation properties of ceramics and also corrosion resistance properties of various materials. The product lines are:

Industrial ceramics

Industrial ceramic materials are non-metallic, inorganic compounds Industrial ceramics products made mostly of high alumina. They have high melting points, low wear resistance, and a wide range of electrical properties.

The minerals used to make industrial ceramics materials are crushed or ground into a fine powder that is purified by adding it to a solution and allowing a chemical precipitate to form. The precipitate is then separated from the solution and heated to form a highly pure powder. After purification, small amounts of wax are added to bind the ceramic powder. Plastics may also be added to provide pliability. The powder can then be shaped into different objects by various molding processes such as slip casting, pressure casting, injection molding, and extrusion. After industrial ceramic materials are molded, they are heated in a process known as densification to strengthen the material.

CUMI's range of industrial ceramics comprises wear and corrosion limiting products and grinding media. CUMI also offers certain value added industrial ceramic products viz. engineered ceramics, metallized ceramics and ceramic lined equipment. These products caters to critical and demanding applications in thermal power plants, material handling, coal washeries, cement, steel, floor and wall tiles, paints, food processing, mineral processing, electrical and electronic industries. Key success factors in this industry are cost and technology.

Key inputs are alumina and power / fuel.

In India, CUMI is a major player in this field for almost two decades and the only manufacturer of metallised ceramics. Apart from CUMI, Jyothi Ceramics and BHEL are the other manufacturers of industrial ceramics. Imports also cater to the domestic market. In Australia, CUMI has a sizeable share of the market for lined equipment through its subsidiary.

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Anticorrosion products

CUMI offers a range of corrosion protection products mainly for industrial applications viz. acid resistant cements, custom made equipment manufactured of fibre reinforced plastics, precast polymeric products, construction chemicals and anticorrosive coatings and industrial floorings. The products are used in a wide variety of industries for meeting anti corrosive requirements in industries particularly petrochemicals, copper and zinc refineries, paper and pulp, fertilizers etc.


CUMI also offers a ceramics wound dressing products. These consist of micro-porous ceramics granules in a permeable container. These products helps to siphon off excess wound exudates. They have application in health care industry for post surgical medical care and treatment of various wounds and ulcers.

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