1. Is cerdak a drug?
    No it is a simple device.
  2. If the granules goes inside the wound will it have a negative effect?
    No. The granules can be removed using the saline water.
  3. Does this requires antibiotic ointments?
    No. Cerdak does not work on ointments.
  4. Can the patient continue with tablets / injection recommended by doctor?
    Yes, patients are advised to continue intake of appropriate medication as advised by doctor.
  5. How expensive is the product ?
    This does not require rolls of cotton /gauze /antibiotic ointments. This is a simple device which is ready to use. Hence less expensive.
  6. How to use the product ?
    Remove the exudates i.e., the watery discharge & puss before applying the product. The shiny side should be on the wound part.
  7. When to change the dressing?
    Once the exudates are absorbed. The color of the cerdak wound device will change.This indicates that there are still exudates in the wound. Change it till such time the wound device color is minimal
  8. Is this wash proof?
     No. However, Cerdak aero film can resist moisture to a minimum level.
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