CERDAK Advantage

Conventional Cerdak Dressing
Clogging No Clogging
Sticky Not Sticky
Does not allow air Allows air to pass through
Hamper the process of granulation Do not Hamper the process of granulation
Delay the wound healing Wound heals Faster
Expensive Cost effective
Allows patient to stay more in hospital Allows patient to get quick relief


Wound healing or wound repair is a complex process in which the skin repairs itself after injury. In any wound healing process the local factors which influence's... read more

How to Apply

At first we have to prepare the wound by removing the dead tissue and debris,assess the wound for deep or systemic infection... read more

Watch Video

Watch videos about the Cerdak application and case studies... view

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Do´s & Don´ts

Do's and Don'ts of the cerdak treatment and the proceesses involved in this... read more