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Carborundum Universal Ltd (CUMI), a leader in the abrasives and ceramics market, has forayed into the Bio-ceramics vertical with Cerdak wound treatment devices. CUMI’s extensive line of trusted products is intended to simplify and improve skin health and the treatment of wounds, both acute and chronic. These products offers a straightforward solution that is cost effective and requires no expert medical care or clinical surrounding in Wound Treatment.

The wound care product, known as Cerdak, is extremely effective and user friendly. The standard dressing consists of a sachet, filled with ceramic granules and sealed in a sterile pouch. The sachet is placed on a wound, secured and replaced before fully saturated. The ceramic absorbs excess wound moisture in such a way that an ideal environment for natural wound healing is created. No chemical action takes place, therefore no allergic reaction can be caused. The natural and very safe way in which Cerdak works and the remarkable results obtained, is an answer to the present day demand for high quality, natural and affordable health products. The Cerdak Wound Healing Devices are available in different shapes and sizes and are applied with ease.

These products conform to CE Mark, ISO-9001-2008, ISO-13485-AC-2007 and WHO-GMP Certifications.


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How to Apply

At first we have to prepare the wound by removing the dead tissue and debris,assess the wound for deep or systemic infection... read more

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Watch videos about the Cerdak application and case studies... view

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Do's and Don'ts of the cerdak treatment and the proceesses involved in this... read more

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